St Paul Mobile Mechanics

St, Paul has become the most populous urban area in the state of Minnesota. This area contains 182 cities and townships. The area has a human population of 3,422,264 according to the last recorded census, and a car population of 1,711,132, not counting families with more than one vehicle, or commercial vehicles. There has to be an auto mechanic available to take care of the needs of all of these vehicles on the road, and since there are so many different types of vehicles on the road, there is a need for mechanics that are capable of working on more than one brand of the vehicle.

All of the cars on the roads in St. Paul face the same challenges with the weather causing them to need periodic checks of fluids, belts, hoses, and tires. They also all have the need for maintenance, and repairs, periodically. Most people want their cars repaired as quickly as possible, because their busy lifestyles will not allow them to sit around and wait for their car to get out of the shop. The need for automobiles to be repaired as quickly as possible, has provided a new service in the form of the mobile auto mechanic. The mobile auto mechanic is revolutionizing the way that people in St. Paul get their car maintenance taken care of, and has solved a huge problem for people who experience mechanical failures and need help getting their vehicle running again.

The mobile auto mechanic comes to where you are, assesses the situation you are facing, and they either make immediate repairs for you on the spot, or they have the car transported to the shop they work out of if the repairs are more extensive. For simple maintenance issues like fluid checks, and minor tune-ups you can actually schedule a mobile mechanic to come to your home, or place of business and take care of the situation so that you never miss any time at work, and your car is kept running at its best.

Vincent McCain - Mobile Mechanic
Location: St.Paul
Contact: 612-272-3094
Specialty: Brakes, Colling System, Heating
Specials: Spend $100.00 To Get A Free Oil Change.

The way that these mobile mechanics operate is by employing skilled technicians that can do the work with swift expertise. Mechanics like Vincent McCain will answer your call for a mobile mechanic, and provide you with the professional services you need.

Vincent McCain specializes in brakes, radiator service and repair, heating and cooling systems, suspension, lock out services, and he is adept at working on both foreign and domestic vehicles.

Vincent has been doing this work for 14 years now, and he has established a lot of customers and a lot of experience in what he does. Diagnosing a problem with a car takes education, training, and experience. Vincent also offers some incentives to his clients that call him out to make mobile repairs. For every person that has a repair bill of 100 dollars, Vincent offers a free oil change. Vincent tells us that when he is called out to repair brakes on cars the majority of them cost less than $80.00 to repair, and that amount covers the parts and the labor.

Benjamin G Dreis - Mobile Mechanic
Location: St.Paul
Contact: 651-321-4580
Specialty: Basic Repairs
Specials: Spend $100.00 To Get A Free Oil Change.

Another mobile mechanic that is available to the residents of St. Paul is Benjamin G Dreis. Benjamin has an auto service degree from the college in St. Paul. For the past four years he has been operating an automobile repair company called MrFixItMN.

Benjamin has great labor rates on his services. He only charges $50 to do basic brake service, and $25 to replace those pesky belts that like to break. He charges $50 to replace the ball joints and $50 to replace an axle. He is also honest with his customers about oil changes. He tells his customers that places like Jiffy Lube are very cheap, and they perform oil changes very quickly. He says that you cannot beat their prices, and since you simply drop into those locations without appointments, you can have your oil changed at your leisure. Unfortunately smaller shops cannot compete with the prices that places like Jiffy Lube charge for oil changes.

His shop is open from Monday through Sat starting at 10 each morning and closing at 7 each evening, except for Saturdays when they shut down at 5. He is ready to help anyone in the ST. Paul area with their car maintenance, and with any car troubles they may experience, because his goal is to get to the customer and get the customer back on the road as quickly as possible.