Los Angeles Mobile Mechanics

Michael Leonard
6 years at RedLine Automotive
Mobile Mechanic
Phone: 951-234-1370

Los Angeles has a greater need for mechanics than almost any other place in the country. There were 3,857,799 people living in Los Angeles according to the 2012 census reports. It has been estimated that there are somewhere around 10.000,000 motor vehicles registered in Los Angeles. With that, many vehicles on the road there are numerous wrecks happening in the area every day, there are numerous vehicle malfunctions that happen every day and with all of this happening, to all of those vehicles, the need for mechanics is tremendous. Michael Leonard is one of those mechanics in Los Angeles.
Michael Leonard is the CEO and owner of RedLine Automotive Repair. Michael started his career in the automotive industry by studying at Mt. San Jacinto College, where he studied to earn his A.A. in Automotive Technology. He also earned his Honda PACT certification from American Honda while he was there.

During the time, he was in college and he earned his L1, A6, A8, express service certificate, brakes certificate, electrical certification, engine performance certification as well as his steering and suspension certification. He is also AC certified and certified in advanced emissions control and hazmat safety, along with several other certifications.

Car designs and technology are changing every day and a mechanic has to stay up to date on all these changes. Michael stays current with his vehicle maintenance education by staying up to date on all recalls and service bulletins. He is qualified to work on almost any make, or model of vehicle and he is capable of doing just about any type of repair work those vehicles may need, from simple maintenance like oil changes, to major repairs on the different systems needed to make an automobile stay mobile. The majority of mechanics specialize in one type of automotive repair, but Michael is schooled in the skills needed to make repairs on the majority of the systems on a vehicle being driven today.
Michael has a love for cars of all types and this love drives him to do things like service vehicles on a mobile basis away from his shop. He only does this mobile servicing by referral.

At RedLine Automotive a technician must be able to use critical thinking, along with their research and analytic skills, to perform the strategic and sometimes challenging repairs. RedLine Automotive provides roadside service like jump starts and fuel delivery, tire changes and helping people who are locked out of their cars. They have a towing service coming soon.

Benjamin Alcazar
2 years as an Auto Mechanic
Mobile Mechanic
Phone: 562-964-6088

Benjamin Alcazar has been in business at Good Guy Auto Service for two years now. Ben is an automotive service technician with an ASE certification in brakes and EPA 609 refrigerant. He is recovery certified and although he does mostly basic car repair, he is capable of doing transmission work as well.
Ben attended Wyotech from 2006 until 2008, where he studied automotive repair. He is an independent automotive technician who will travel to where you and your car need service. He offers all types of automotive services ranging from simple oil changes to complex transmissions problems.

The majority of the time when you have trouble with your car you have to take the car to the service technician. Many times this means you have to hire a tow truck to take your vehicle to the service technician and pay that extra towing cost. When you have your car worked on by Ben Alcazar he comes to you. You save the headache of having to arrange for towing, you avoid the possibility that your vehicle could be damaged by the towing company and you save yourself from doing further damages to your vehicle when it is having problems by driving it unnecessarily.

Ben is a highly trained automotive service technician who is capable of fixing most of the problems your car may have. The majority of the time he is doing basic car repairs, or maintenance work on vehicles. This is because when people have the convenience of having their mechanic come to them, they are quicker to call them. When people have to drive their car to the mechanic, they usually have to take off of work to do so and they tend to put off the visit to the automotive shop until they simply have to go. This means their vehicle problems get worse and they wind up costing more to repair. Ben is called out when the problems are still in the beginning stages, before they become major repairs, most of the time.