Let Mechanics Bid For Your Repair

When you choose to go to an auto mechanic shop a salesman is going to work a tone that you need them more than they need you, and that they are, for the most part, your only option. So you can occasionally lose the battle of getting a fair price by stepping foot in a local shop. What “bidding” does is it allows interested mechanics to put aside their egos, and poker faces, and reveal their best hands.  In traditional auctioning, buyers are confronted by a force that urges them to face the fact that: their best chance of winning is to place their maximum bid. In auto mechanic bidding, the medium that enforces this realization would be a site such as mechlance.com, and a maximum bid would mean “best bid.” So why wouldn’t you let mechanics bid for your repair? They won’t only propose ideal estimates, but they will proposition several options for you to contemplate.

Here’s some background information on your bidders, and how the process to a proficient repair begins. Safe, and secure, sites will prescreen each bidder before classifying them as top rated mechanics. The screening may consist of a background check, criminal check, and reference checks.  Customer ratings and reviews are available for your assessment, and you also have the opportunity to buy your own parts for the repair.  The special sell with this style of mechanic services, is that the bidders are also “mobile mechanics.” This means that a mechanic will bring their equipment, tools, knowledge, and service to your garage doorstep and will patch-up your vehicle at your home. Parking lots or driveways, are other alternative work locations, however, they aren’t able to work on cars parked on streets, as they are would be putting themselves and your precious parts in harm’s way.

Not every auto mechanic repair shop is fully equipped with the proper technology to present good estimates. It is one of the main and most important resources that come with these special sites. Fair price breakdowns are vital factors to consider when making your final decision. Opposed to allowing local mechanics at shops work on your vehicle, to your preference a mobile mechanic can charge a flat rate. Regardless if the job takes longer to complete, they will only expect the flat rate negotiated at the beginning of the relationship. Tips are not required, nor are they ever, but it’s nice to know. What’s also convenient about working with mobile mechanics is that they bill you once the job is complete, giving you some time to analysis and test out the renovation.
What about the individuals who showed their hands, but didn’t win the bid?

Another great advantage to letting mechanics bid for your repair is that you can unofficially rain check these people, and hold them to their price range for future reference.  It is not in a clause agreement that they must honor the quote they gave in a bid, but one can imagine that they would give you a fair price close to it or slightly higher. Nevertheless, it’s likely they will refrain from suggesting anything extreme. Ideally, because they won’t be able to get away with that, as this is your second encounter, and not your first impression with a salesman. Mechlance is an ideal free site to pursue if you are interested in finding a top quality mobile mechanic. Or should I say, if you are interested in allowing top quality mechanics to bid for you.