History Of Goodyear

Today's Goodyear centers are full-service automotive maintenance facilities that offer every repair service you'll ever need. When you think of Goodyear, you think of tires. But there is more to the Goodyear story than, as they say, "meets the road."

In 1898, Frank A. Seibering made a whopping (and questionable) investment of $3,500 in borrowed money to purchase a plant that would become a household word. The 38-year-old predicted that the cotton and rubber transported from around the world were the components of tires, and that The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company could revolutionize the production of what was to become a staple to American life.

Although Charles Goodyear, who discovered vulcanization, died penniless, the company bears his name. And the Goodyear blimp (there are three of them in North America in operation since 1925), are ambassadors of the name and part of major events like the Daytona 500 and the NFL Super Bowl.

Goodyear is synonymous with quality tires, but it has become so much more. When you pull into an automotive center bearing the name Goodyear, you know your car will be road worthy and maintained n a manner that extends its life and safety. Of course there is the tire, rotation, alignment and other specifics dealing with the undercarriage and the actual "ride."

Developing the finest in tires, from the original rubber to a line of steel-belted radials in a range of sizes for various vehicles, wheel bases and driving needs, Goodyear Tires are world-renowned for their quality and long service. These are the tires of champions, and Goodyear is a well-known name in such motorsports as NASCAR and other auto racing leagues, as well as motorcycle and cross-country racing. Four wheelers rely on Goodyear, and all motors depend on maintenance.

But oil changes are perhaps the single most important key to auto maintenance. And you won't find more dedicated or knowledgeable experts for oil changes, oils and filters and other regularly scheduled maintenance. Tune-ups, sparks and plugs, brakes and other adjustments are part of the multi-point checks you'll receive when you go in for an oil change at Goodyear.

Your agent will take you point by point over all the things that you need to do to keep your car in top shape and to preserve its value and its efficiency. Oil changes are vital for the health of your motor, and there are a number of specialties in oils these days, from synthetic to oils specially formulated for high-mileage engines. You'll be informed of wear on any particular part of your car, such as brake pads . Your vehicle repair service can be a pleasant experience in the comfortable lounges of your Goodyear facility, and when you keep your car maintained with regular oil changes, you're assured of maintaining maximum service and value.

Tires, brakes, mufflers, alignment, balancing, oil changes, filters, tune-ups and other adjustments are just a few of the components to a successfully maintained and smoothly running automobile. You'll fnd all these services under one roof when you visit a Goodyear auto service representative for your vehicle repair. Don't put it off - maintenance is always cheaper than repair. And it only takes a few minutes for basic maintenance to be done at Goodyear.