Apple Valley MN Mobile Mechanics

Apple Valley Minnesota is located in the northwestern part of Dakota County. In 2012, the population of Apple Valley was just shy of fifty thousand people, 49,978 to be exact. It is listed as being the eighteenth most populace city in Minnesota, so that means that there are plenty of vehicles in Apple Valley, and for every vehicle in this city, there will come a time when a mechanic is needed.

It does not matter if your car is brand new, or if it is twenty years old, it can break down. The one thing that you can be certain of when it comes to cars, trucks, and all motor vehicles, is that one day some part on them will simply stop functioning. When this happens, you need a mechanic to repair the part, or replace the part.

Up until recently, when your car had problems, you had to make an appointment with a mechanic, and then make arrangements to get the car to the shop the mechanic worked out of, and then wait for the mechanic to assess the vehicle and tell you what was wrong. Today, there are mobile mechanics that will come to where you are, assess the problem, and either repair the car on site, or arrange to get your car to their shop. These mechanics that make “house calls” are sure making it a lot easier to keep your maintenance done on your vehicle, and that means your vehicle is less likely to break down.

Richard Hartzel -Mobile Mechanic
Location: Apple Valley Minnesota
Contact: 651-334-6875
Certification: ASE Certified
Education: DCTC 2008-2010
Speciliztion: Transmissions on any vehicle, Can fix anything engine related. He also does car detailing, jumps, and basic repairs very easily.

Richard is an ASE certified mechanic that can fix any car on the road today. He has not specialized in only one type of vehicle, but has dedicated himself to learn the particulars of all of the vehicles on the road so that he can help anyone that is in need of auto repairs. This is truly unique, because the majority of mechanics today can only work on one type of vehicle.

Richard attended Dakota County Technical College from 2008 until 2010 to become ASE certified. He always loved cars, and was always interested in what made them work. He took his interests and turned them into a career that he can do well, and enjoy while he is doing it. When you enjoy your work, you do a better job than when you are only working for the money. Richard loves the challenge of figuring out the problem with an engine, and fixing the problem.

Although Richard is capable, and qualified, to work on any aspect of your vehicle, transmissions are the number one thing that he does. If he had to name a specialty to you, he would tell you that he is a transmission guy.

You can call or text Richard whenever you have a question about your car, and he will even make house calls. If you need a mechanic to look at your vehicle, then why not have one like Richard that will come to where your car is instead of making you drive a car that has a problem to where they are? You get better service and take fewer chances of doing more damages to your vehicle by having the mechanic come to you.

Steven Bryant - Mobile Mechanic
Location: Apple Valley Minnesota
Contact: 952-457-9334
Education: DCTC

Steven specializes in repairs on vehicles manufactured by Honda, Nissan, Ford, and GM, but there are very few vehicles on the road that he cannot repair. He can take an engine apart and reassemble it with no trouble at all, so when you need someone that can work on every part of your engine you want to call Steven.

Steven has been specializing in engine repairs since he graduated from DCTC in Rosemount where he studied to get his mechanics license. One of the things that set Steven apart from all of the other mechanics that do the same thing for a living is that he will come to you when you need him. You do not have to figure out how to get your vehicle to him and you still get to work so that you can afford to pay for the auto repairs. He will come to where your vehicle is, assess the problem you have, let you know what the repair cost will be, and most of the time he can repair your vehicle right where it is sitting. You do not miss any work, and you get your vehicle repaired by a licensed mechanic.